Frequently Asked Questions

No. Tickets are valid for any departure time based upon the service in operation. (ie general ferry service tickets are valid for any departure during general ferry service and general ferry service hours. concert/event service tickets are valid for any departure on the day of the event and throughout concert/event service. general ferry service tickets are not valid for travel during concert/event service)
Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure you are looking to board. We operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. The vessel accommodates (300) passengers, with the ability to accommodate up to (500) passengers based on service needs.

General fare tickets expire at the end of the current season and can be used any day prior to the end of the year. Concert/Special Event tickets are only valid for the date indicated on the ticket.

All sales are final. General fare tickets can be used anytime throughout that season but will expire at the end of the season. Concert/Event tickets are date and time specific and cannot be redeemed on any other night other than the date indicated on the ticket.

Our ferry will take all passengers who are in line within 30 minutes. As long as you are in line within 30 minutes, then the ferry will take those passengers in line. However, the line will be cut off after that time frame. The end of the concert is defined when the lights turn on and guests are instructed to exit. We highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance for Concert/Special Event days

It is approximately an (8) minute walk from the ferry to the Pavilion. We highly recommend heading to the ferry as soon as the concert ends to get in line for boarding.

Yes. The RiverLink Ferry has restrooms onboard. Restrooms are only available for general ferry service and are subject to availability.  Due to safety concerns, capacity limitation and time constrains in an effort to provide speedy service the restrooms are NOT available during concert/event service.

No. Although we do recommend purchasing your tickets in advance via our website or mobile app, you can purchase them onsite at the ticket booth.